viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Medellín's night life

We already talked about what to do and where to eat in Medellín, but now it's the moment to talk about where to dance and to have party.
Medellin is known as a city with a very active night life. That is, people from Medellín go out a lot in the nights to dance, drink something and have fun. Moreover, there are many options of places to have a party in the city, from large discos to Fondas (establishments decorated with traditional Paisa objects and where music like Guascas, Vallenatos, Rancheras and Popular music are played on). According to your likes and dislikes, you choose the place more appropriate for you.

Next, we are going to mention the main avenues and places where the most popular discos, bars and fondas are, both in Medellín and in El Valle de Aburrá.

  • Parque Lleras (Lleras park): Around this park there are many discos, bars and fondas to drink something an get a lot of fun. This place is located in El Poblado and is called Zona Rosa of Medellín because it is "the most prestigious" place of the city to eat and to party. Famous people like soccer players, models, actors, actresses and foreign celebrities frequent this place. There you can drink cocktails and talk calmly with your friends or, drink Aguardiente Antioqueño and dance traditional colombian music like porro, cumbia, salsa and vallenato finishing in a crazy party until 5am. Some of the party places in Parque Lleras are: La Ruana de Juana, Barlovento, Bendito Seas, Blue, Babylon and Sam Pues.
Fonda Bendito Seas
Bendito Seas, a fonda

  • La 33 (33 Street)
La 33
La 33 Street
La 33 is a long avenue with a lot of discos, bars and fondas. There, you can find places to dance a little bit cheaper than in Parque Lleras. Also, there are many variety of rumba: calm or crazy parties, popular or reggaetón music, cocktails or Aguardiente Antioqueño drinks, etc. La Tranca, Mr. Cocktail and Cañadonga are examples of rumbeaderos located in La 33.

Mr. Cocktail
Mr. Cocktail in La 33

  • Las Palmas (Las Palmas avenue): This avenue offers different kinds of places to dace and get drunk. It is located face to La 33 and it is the road that takes you to municipalities like Rionegro, El Retiro and Envigado. Dulce Jesús Mio, Adonay, Nativa and Circus are establishments that you must know while staying in Medellín.
Disco Adonay
Adonay, disco and fonda
  • Avenida Regional, Autopista Sur (Regional Avenue, South Highway): 
Regional Avenue
Regional Avenue
Going away from Medellín, towards the south of El Valle de Aburrá, we find several popular discos. Although they are a little bit far from Medellín, the rumba worths it. Some of those discos and fondas are Mango's and Palmahía (the biggest disco in Latin America).

Mango's Disco
Mango's Disco
Other streets and places we can visit to get fun in Medellín's night life are La 70 (70 Street), Barrio Colombia (Neighborhood Colombia), Calle Colombia (Colombia Street) and Barrio Obrero (Neighborhood Obero).

So let's the party begin!!

martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Where to eat in Medellín?

Hello, I have came back and, in this opportunity, I am going to talk you about the most popular and tasting restaurants or places to eat in Medellin, or near to Medellin (Envigado, Sabaneta, Itagüí) according to our friends and ourselves.

A delicious waffle :)

This restaurant is very popular in Medelín because it is relatively cheap and its food is very tasting and varied. In there, you can eat from a salt crepe or a salad until a delicious ice cream or a waffle. Moreover, there are several vegetarian options for people like us (Andrés and me). 
I strongly recommend this place because it satisfies the main characteristics of a good restaurant: it is affordable, comfortable, good environment, good customer service and excelent varied food. Furthermore, there are many Crepes & Waffles in the city. 
Next, you can find the one nearer to you from several options.

Il Forno
Il Forno is a restaurant where you can taste italien food. It is actually amazing because the places are beautiful and sophisticated and the food has the characteristic flavour of Italy. Pizzas, lasagnes, pastas and wines as well as other kinds of plates and drinks are part of its menu.
Look at Il Forno's menu and the different places where it is located in Medellín and the outskirts of the city. 

La Doctora is a restaurant located in Sabaneta (a municipio of Antioquia, it is 15 km from Medellín). There, you will find a traditional Antioquia restaurant and you will eat traditional Antioquia food. So, empanadas, arepas, patacones, chorizos, morcilla, fríjoles, chicharrón, are available to be eaten. Besides, you can taste bandeja paisa, the traditional dish of Antioquia. Check this list of plates served in La Doctora.


Sopa de mondongo is one of the traditional dishes of Colombia. In Medellín, you can taste it in Mondongo's restaurant, known as one of the most popular places in Medellín to eat this soup (this is the reason why this restaurant is called like that). But do not think you can only eat sopa de mondongo there. Also, Bandeja paisa and different types of grilled meat are offered.
You can visit the Mondongo's located in La 70 street or the one placed in La 10 street. 

Juan Valdez Café
In Juan Valdez Café you can drink one of the several types of coffée they have, for example a mocca coffe or a capuccino coffe served with an almojábana or a cheese croissant. These coffe shops are very popular not only in Medellín, but also in the rest of Colombia, in Chile and in Ecuador. Colombia, and especifically, the Eje Cafetero is known as one of the most important coffee producer on the world. So, why do not taste an exquisite coffee in one of the producer regions of Colombia? You must visit one Juan Valdez Coffee Shop and find out why our coffee is so loved around the world. Also, you can buy some gifts to carry to your family and friends. 


For vegetarian people or those who like to eat healthy and to taste food without meat. Verdeo is a restaurant located in Poblado and it offers to you a succulent vegetarian menu with vegan options. Its food is absolutely delicious and you can feel in there a natural environment since Verdeo is  a lover of nature and animals. For this reason, you do not have excuses to not go to Verdeo and taste organic plates. I declared myself a fan of Verdeo food. 

La pastizzería
In La pastizzeria you can eat pizzas, lasagnes, pastas, salads, grilled meats, etc. Check its varied menu.  
It has different locations: Tesoro, Poblado, La Mota, Rionegro (in the outskirts of Medellín) and Laureles. 
Enjoy this succulent food served with wine, natural juice or beer. 

I hope you visit some of these places I just recommended you. You will not regret!!

lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Some places to visit

Hello again, this time we present you some good options to visit in Medellín. Don't worry, there are plenty more that we will show you later.

Jardín Botánico (Botanical Garden)
Jardín Botnánico
Jardín Botánico

This is an amazing place for nature lovers. Jardín Botánico is located down town near to Planetario, Parque de los deseos, Parque Explora and Universidad de Antioquia. The entrance to this calm and peaceful place is free (It's free). In there, you can find lots of trees, plants, flowers and many fauna like: ducks, iguanas, caterpillars, butterflies, birds, etc. 

This is a cultural place where many events are celebrated. For instance, the book fair, orchids, birds and flowers, concerts, etc. This is hugely recommended place to visit in our city.

Parque Explora (Explora Park)
Parque Explora
Parque Explora
Explora park is the place where science is honored. Nevertheless, do not dare to imagine it as a boring place... 
This park was designed with the purpose of getting people to know science in a happy and surprising way. You can experiment with your own body the theories and discoveries mankind has done. Also, it has many scientific attractions: the biggest aquarium in South America (with two varieties: fresh and saltwater and lots of fauna), a 3D theater, physics games, etc. 
This is a unforgettable place to visit, no doubt about it!

Parque de los deseos (Park of the wishes)
Parque de los deseos
Parque de los deseos
One of the most popular places in Medellín is Parque de los deseos. This place is a free entrance place where all the citizens can go and spend an afternoon having fun with their families.
Many restaurants and caffes are nearby, so do not worry to feel hungry. One great plan to do there is to hang with your friends out and have some beers while you watch a free documentary or movie in the park.

Museo El Castillo (Museum The Castle)
Museo El Castillo
Museo El Castillo
If you are a history lover, this is the place for you. El Castillo is one of the oldest buildings in our city and is surrounded by dreams, inspirations and many stories of an era never seen.
This place offers touristic tours, many ancient objects, and beautiful gardens to be seen. 
El Castillo is located in El Poblado neighborhood. 
So do not think it twice and visit this enigmatic and wonderful place.

Museo de Antioquia (Antioquia's Museum)
Museo de Antioquia
Museo de Antioquia
Have you heard of Fernando Botero and his work? 
This museum is dedicated to one of the biggest leading figures of Medellín. Mr. Botero is a painter and sculptor from Medellín and his work and style is known all over the world. Although this museum exhibits Botero's work, many other exhibitions are presented. Do not miss going to this place and know the art of one of the famous person from Medellín.

Museo de Arte Moderno (Modern Art Museum)
Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín
The modern art museum is another place to get acquainted with the art in our city. Go there and enjoy different ways of expressing art. 

We hope you can visit all these interesting places of Medellín and enjoy them as much as we do. See you there!! 

How to travel in Medellín?

Since Medellín is a small city compared to the big metropolis, its transportation does not have many troubles. In fact, transportation in the city is really easy. Here we show you different possibilities to travel around the city. However, we will focus on the most popular way of transportation: The Metro.

Map of Medellin
Map of Medellin

Medellin has 16 communes and many neighborhoods. However, the touristic places are easy to find and visit.
Medellin has the common ways of transportation: buses, taxis and Metro.
The tickets for Metro and buses are really similar, around $1 (1.700 in Colombian pesos).
For travelling by bus, you need to know what the routes of the buses are because the do not have stations.
On the contrary, Metro always follows the same route and it announces each station and its near places. That's why Metro is an easy way of transportation. It leaves no chance to get lost.

This is how buses look. Each bus has different colors depending on the route and neighborhood it belongs to.

Colombian buses
Each bus belongs to a neighborhood and it follows a certain route.

This is how Metro looks.

Metro trains
Trains of the Metro

This is MetroPlus, a part of the Metro system.

Buses of the Metro system.

This is MetroCable, a part of the Metro system.

Cars of Metrocable

These are the routes and the stations of the Metro.

Stations and routes of the Metro system
Stations and routes of the Metro system (including Metro Cable and Metro Plus)

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Innovative City

We are sure that you have heard the news that say that Medellin is the most innovative city in the world. 
The Metro has been one big factor to contribute to this prize. Look at this video and discover why.

sábado, 20 de abril de 2013



Do you remember the risks of visiting Medellín?

Here, you have some witnesses who can tell you about them. You will find some places, famous native people, some cultural traditions and beautiful landscapes of the city.

Enjoy the video. 


Hi everyone!

This blog has been created with the purpose of showing how interesting and beuatiful the city of Medellín is and the places and culture you can know while visiting or living in here. Travelers and citizens are invited to explore our city and falling in love with it.

Check the blog. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. 

And remember: Medellín, the only risk is wanting to stay!

One night in Medellín
One night in Medellín